True Insight, Real Change. Our Brand DNA.

True Insight, Real Change. Our Brand DNA.

Anchored in deep-rooted intuition, our brand is a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and a brighter tomorrow.

We Are Your Customer Experience Transformation Partner

We will help you scale by utilizing strategy, data, commerce and technology to create world-leading customer experiences for your brand and streamline your sales and service processes.

What Does Intuji Mean?


/ in - tu - ji /

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  • Intuji is derived from the Ukrainian word інтуїти́вний (intujitývnyj), meaning intuitive in English.

  • It embodies our passion for working with brands to create the world’s leading intuitive customer experiences.

What Is Our Purpose?

Creating Tomorrow®

Creating Tomorrow® completely embodies what we are as a brand. By helping other brands globally to build outstanding customer experiences whilst also championing sustainable initiatives that provide hope and help to those less fortunate, we positively impact the lives of many to create a better tomorrow.

We help transform brands into trusted market leaders by using strategy, data, commerce and technology to create customer experiences that enable scale.


We transform how brands connect with their customers by creating intuitive customer experiences. With our unique approach, we serve brands looking to scale and increase profitability by distinguishing them from competitors and providing their customers with unparalleled engagement.


We envision ourselves as the global catalyst for change in brand engagement. Our goal is to be the driving force behind the most innovative and intuitive customer experiences worldwide, enabling brands to elevate their impact and profitability.


Innovative Strategy. Agile Execution. Infinite Possibilities.

What Does Our Symbol Represent?

Infinity Symbol
Blocks of Data
Steps of Growth
The Intuji® Identity

What Are Our Values?

Our values are exceptionally important to us and determine the way we care for our clients, support our people and engage in our work.


(original and creative in thinking)
  • Creative and results-driven solutions
  • Always challenging the status quo
  • Knowledgeable in a wide range of areas


(able to move quickly and easily)
  • Flexible working framework
  • Able to adapt to your brand requirements
  • Rapid validation and execution of ideas


(easy to perceive or detect)
  • Delivering on our promises
  • Making difficult concepts easy to understand
  • Always putting our clients interests first

Ready To Supercharge Your CX To Fuel Growth?

You want to scale. We're ready to innovate.

Let's collaborate to create impactful customer experiences for your brand. By doing so, we can help you scale, reduce costs, and improve profitability.