How L’Oreal Is Using Augmented Reality To Improve Customer Experience

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Here Comes The Digital Makeup Artist 👨‍🎨

Did you know that L’Oreal has created a world of convenience and comfort for potential clients by allowing you to choose whatever looks best for your individual style? It’s that simple – upload an image or take a selfie to virtually try on their makeup products, then shop with the click of a button to have it conveniently delivered to your doorstep from Amazon or any other eCommerce site. Selecting a makeup product has never been easier or more effortless!

L’Oreal is continuing to revolutionise the beauty industry through not only its innovative products but also its use of technology for better customer experience. Using augmented reality, L’Oreal allows you to easily create customised looks using a smartphone or tablet device and even upload your own photos for a virtual try-on. With thousands of shades available in its library and simple step-by-step instructions, L’Oreal’s digital makeup artist is helping users find the perfect look in minutes.

From eyeshadows to blushes and lipsticks, L’Oreal has created an easy way to explore makeup options without ever having to leave home. You can create trendy looks inspired by celebrity makeup artists, TikTok stars, or Instagram models or discover new products with helpful recommendations from their expert AI system. Plus, users can save and share their looks on social media with just the click of a button.

L'Oreal makeup products representation

Using L’Oreal’s digital makeup artist, beauty enthusiasts and professionals have been able to create countless transformative looks easily and conveniently. What’s more, L’Oreal addressed privacy issues by avoiding storing personal photographs. When a picture is shared, L’Oreal keeps it only for the time necessary to achieve the purpose of choosing and selecting the best makeup — and later deletes the photograph.

With the hope of inspiring you to utilise modern business technology on your projects, this article explores how L’Oreal uses augmented reality to improve customer experience while purchasing makeup.

How L’Oreal Uses AR To Improve Customer Experience 🛒

Wondering how L’Oreal’s makeup try-on works? It’s as simple as making a TikTok video or even simpler!

L’Oreal has been utilising augmented reality to improve customer experience in purchasing makeup through its Makeup Genius app. The app allows users to virtually try out products, including foundation and lipstick shades, through face scans in real-time. Customers now have access to various products at their fingertips without ever having to leave their homes. This app also provides detailed tutorials about applying various makeup looks and allows customers to share their looks with friends on social media.

The company has also created a Virtual Try-On Experience platform that uses facial recognition software and image processing so customers can accurately match their looks with various products. Customers simply take a selfie or upload a picture, and the system automatically matches the best colour and product for their skin tone. This technology provides customers with an accurate representation of how a particular shade or product might look on them, allowing for a more informed buying decision.

From Maybelline New York’s page, users can choose the product they want to try on. They simply need to take a picture in a place with ample natural light and upload it or upload a selfie they already have on their smartphone. Then they select the shade they want to try. You can instantly see the before and after results, compare different shades, and share the image on social media to ask friends and family what they think about the new makeup style.

It’s as easy as that!

That’s how L’Oreal is using augmented reality to transform how people buy makeup. Customers now have access to a wide range of products and can find the perfect shades and products that fit their needs easily and quickly.  By utilising this type of technology, L’Oreal has created a unique customer experience that helps people feel confident in their purchases. Furthermore, customers can rest assured knowing they are always getting the right shade or product for them — no matter their complexion!

Introducing ModiFace: An AI-Powered Virtual Makeup Try-On 💄

ModiFace is an innovative AI-powered virtual makeup try-on solution that lets users experience cosmetics products through a realistic and interactive simulation. The technology uses computer vision (just like Tesla EVs), augmented reality, and deep learning algorithms to create an immersive virtual try-on experience. With the help of ModiFace, users can digitally see how different shades and textures look on their skin before buying them. They can also customise looks to their preferences while shopping online.

Girl wearing eye makeup

Furthermore, the platform helps beauty brands build engaging customer experiences that drive sales, increase brand loyalty, and gain insights into customer behaviour. To meet the growing demand for personalised beauty experiences, L’Oreal has partnered with leading technology companies to offer solutions such as augmented reality makeup try-on, 3D visualisation tools, and skin analysis for beauty products. With the help of these technologies, customers can create unique looks that best suit them without having to test out different shades and textures physically.

L’Oreal’s ModiFace is a technology transforming how people shop for cosmetics. It provides an immersive experience with realistic simulations so customers can better understand how the product will look on their skin before purchasing it. Furthermore, it enables brands to customise experiences according to customer preferences and gain valuable insights into what drives shopping decisions. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, L’Oreal is shaping the future of beauty shopping and helping customers find the perfect look.

L’Oreal is determined to help customers find their perfect look and make beauty shopping more convenient. ModiFace is a big step in the right direction, and it will continue to revolutionise how people shop for cosmetics in the future. With its cutting-edge technology, L’Oreal is creating many personalised beauty solutions where everyone can easily find their perfect look.

👸 L’Oreal’s AI-Powered Skin Diagnostic Tool

The AI-Powered Skin Genius offers fast and accurate results while providing a detailed report of customers’ skin conditions, including areas where thxey may need to pay special attention. It provides personalised advice on improving skin health and recommends the best products from L’Oreal’s range for each customer. With this revolutionary technology, L’Oreal can provide customised skincare solutions that are tailored specifically for each user’s unique needs.

This diagnostic tool is easy to use and can be accessed directly from any device. Customers simply upload a picture of their face and let the AI do its job! The AI recognises different skin types, assesses current complexion, identifies potential issues and sends custom product recommendations in a few minutes. As a result, customers get the perfect skincare routine that is best suited for their skin.

Girl applying lotion to face after suggestion by L'Oreal's ModiFace

Skin Genius leverages cutting-edge technology to provide detailed skin analysis and customised ingredient recommendations. It uses a library of 10,000 real images scored by dermatologists for an unparalleled accuracy rate of up to 97%. With its AI system trained on Caucasian, Asian, and Afro-American photographs, Skin Genius ensures privacy with no pictures recorded or shared without consent. It will then recommend products and routines that best fit your skin type.

The AI-Powered Skin Genius by L’Oreal is undoubtedly transforming the beauty industry, giving customers access to professional accuracy. With this technology, users can now have personalised and highly accurate advice on improving and maintaining healthy skin without ever having to step foot into a store or a salon!

This breakthrough technology saves time and money and, most importantly, ensures that customers are provided with safe and reliable information on how to properly take care of their skin. Furthermore, its ability to provide detailed reports and recommendations based on each customer’s unique needs helps them make smarter and more informed decisions regarding its skincare products.

👱 L’Oreal’s Virtual Hair Try-Ons

L’Oreal has changed how people purchase hair products by introducing their virtual hair try-on. The technology allows customers to virtually “try on” different shades and styles of colouring products before they buy, providing them with an accurate representation of how they would look in the product. This means shoppers can make better-informed decisions when selecting the right shade and product. It also eliminates any guesswork in finding a hair colour or style that suits your needs.

L’Oreal’s virtual try-on system utilises augmented reality to accurately simulate how you would look wearing each product, giving you full confidence in your choice before making a purchase. With its simple interface and user-friendly design, L’Oreal makes it easy to find the right shade and style for you. So, if you want to know what colour your hair will look like before committing to a new product, try out L’Oreal’s revolutionary virtual hair try-on and get an accurate representation of the results in real time.

The Use Of Augmented Reality By Beauty Industries 🤖

Beauty industries have taken a step into the future, utilising augmented reality to further advance their products and customer experience. By employing AR in unique ways, businesses can create an immersive shopping journey that is both innovative and fun for customers. L’Oreal is one such leading example.

L’Oreal recognises that beauty is personal and subjective. That’s why they allow customers to customise the looks that their AR technology creates for them. Customers can adjust their makeup in real-time, allowing them to find the perfect look for any occasion or season.

L’Oreal’s innovative use of augmented reality has transformed how people purchase makeup products. By creating an interactive shopping experience, L’Oreal makes it easier for customers to access a wide range of products quickly and easily, ensuring that everyone can find the right foundation, lipstick, or eye shadow shade, regardless of skin tone. This technology has allowed L’Oreal to improve customer experience in purchasing makeup and creating a unique, personalised shopping experience for its customers.

Girl on phone buying makeup products

The future of augmented reality in beauty looks bright. Thanks to L’Oreal for becoming the leader as it continues to innovate and explore new ways to make purchasing makeup easier and more enjoyable. With the help of AR technology, customers can now try out various products before making a purchase, ensuring that they get the right shade or product every time.

As augmented reality becomes increasingly popular, more companies will likely follow in L’Oreal’s footsteps and offer their own virtual try-on experiences. Ultimately, this technology can only improve customer experience when it comes to buying cosmetics, allowing everyone access to their perfect look no matter their gender or race.

So Where Are We Headed? 🚶‍♀️

With the progress of artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and machine learning in the makeup industry, L’Oreal has quickly capitalised on this opportunity. The company recently launched its Makeup Genius app, which uses AR technology to allow customers to virtually try on different shades of makeup products without leaving their homes. Moreover, this application can also be used in-store to help shoppers find the right shade for them and make more informed purchases.

Additionally, L’Oreal is using AI algorithms to develop customised skincare solutions tailored to individual needs, while machine learning (ML) helps with product recommendation systems. These advances have allowed L’Oreal to improve customer experience and satisfaction while staying ahead of the competition. As the makeup industry continues to evolve, L’Oreal is determined to remain at the forefront of these technologies and keep pushing the boundaries of innovation.

On a separate note, AR technology is beneficial for marketing purposes. Brands can create interactive campaigns that feature virtual makeup applications, personalised product recommendations, or even tutorials on properly using each product. These experiences are often far more engaging than traditional advertising methods and can help brands reach a wider audience. Additionally, AR technology can facilitate data collection to gain valuable insights into customer preferences and buying patterns, enabling brands to tailor their offerings accordingly.

For instance, with its focus on staying ahead of trends and using cutting-edge technology for customer convenience, L’Oreal is well-positioned to capitalise on this shift towards a more digitally enabled future. The company’s commitment to innovation ensures that it will continue to be at the forefront of this rapidly changing landscape and deliver ever-better products and services in the years ahead.

Are you intrigued by the workings of technology in the beauty industry? Would you like to learn more about these amazing innovations — or perhaps you wish to build something of this calibre? No matter the case, experts at WEBO Digital are always keen to help you. Reach out to us for a friendly discovery session, and we will happily answer any questions you may have.

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December 05, 2022