Ambrose Blowfield: B2B Sales, Digital Transformation, and Human Touch | Pulse by Intuji #8

57:10 MIN

Join us on this week’s episode of Pulse, presented by Intuji. Julian Wallis, CEO at Intuji, is joined by Ambrose Blowfield, the owner of Sales Mastery Company. Ambrose brings a wealth of experience in the sales and marketing space, having coached thousands of people in over 26 countries.

Ambrose outlines the evolution of B2B sales, discussing the balance between digital transformation and maintaining a human touch. He shares insights from his journey, starting with Procter and Gamble and his experiences training sales teams globally.

Julian and Ambrose explore the importance of aligning sales and marketing teams, leveraging technology to enhance sales processes and the impact of AI on the future of business. They also discuss practical strategies for integrating technology while preserving the human element in customer interactions.

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Published On

June 26, 2024