Talia Wolf: Emotional Customer Journeys, B2B CRO Strategies, UX Insights | Pulse by Intuji #4

48:56 MIN

In this week’s episode of Pulse, Julian Wallis (CEO @ Intuji) catches up with Talia Wolf, an expert on getting people to buy. Talia, who runs GetUplift, shares her secrets on making customer experiences really hit home emotionally so businesses see more conversions.

They dive deep into why understanding your customer’s real-world emotions can make or break your sales. Talia explains her journey from starting her own company to mastering the art of making people feel right before purchasing, emphasising the need to look beyond just changing button colours on your website. This chat is full of advice for anyone looking to shake up their approach to online sales and connect with their customers.

Whether you’re tweaking your website or overhauling your entire customer journey, Talia’s insights offer a fresh, practical perspective on making each click count.

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Published On

April 24, 2024