Erik Jacobson: B2B Content Strategies, Maximising Impact, Future Trends | Pulse by Intuji #7

1:04:10 MIN

Join us on this week’s episode of Pulse, presented by Intuji. Julian Wallis, CEO at Intuji, is joined by Erik Jacobson, the CEO of Hatch, a leading content marketing agency. Erik shares his journey from working with renowned podcasters like Tim Ferriss and Jason Calacanis to founding Lemon Pie and ultimately creating Hatch.

Erik dives into the evolution of content marketing, discussing the challenges and opportunities in the B2B space. He explains how Hatch helps companies build efficient content engines through video shows, podcasts, and short-form video content designed for social media and content platforms.

Julian and Erik also explore the impact of AI technologies on content creation, sharing their predictions on how these advances will shape the future of marketing. They discuss the balance between maintaining authenticity and leveraging AI to enhance efficiency in content production.

Tune in as we uncover insights into creating impactful, customer-focused content and the strategies needed to adapt to technological trends for long-term business success.

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Published On

May 31, 2024