Chris Walker: B2B Buying Behaviour, Digital Transformation, Dark Social | Pulse by Intuji #3

1:03:04 MIN

In the third episode of Pulse, Julian Wallis sits down with Chris Walker, the trailblazer behind Pasetto and Refined Labs. With his deep dive into the evolution of B2B buying behaviours, Chris unpacks how digital advancements have reshaped how businesses connect with their customers. He emphasises the shift towards more informed and self-directed buyers, highlighting the rise of ‘dark social’—the unseen journey of customer decision-making happening across private digital spaces.

Chris argues that despite the technological leaps, many companies are still playing catch-up, clinging to outdated sales-led models instead of embracing buyer-centric strategies. He shares his journey from observing the early signs of change in B2B buying patterns to founding his companies, aiming to bridge the gap with go-to-market data that empowers businesses to make swift, informed decisions.

They discuss the role of digital platforms like LinkedIn in the B2B cycle, the importance of self-service options for today’s buyers, and the undeniable impact of AI on future business strategies. Chris stresses the need for businesses to truly listen to their customers, moving beyond mere data collection to genuine engagement and understanding.

This episode is packed with insights on navigating the evolving landscape of B2B marketing, the critical role of customer feedback, and the future of AI in creating authentic, engaging content. Chris’s forward-thinking approach and Julian’s probing questions offer a compelling look at what it takes to stay relevant in the rapidly changing world of B2B business.

Published On

April 10, 2024