Julian Wallis: Rise of AI, Implementing, Ethical Considerations & Future of CX | Pulse by Intuji #6

39.01 MIN

Join us on this week’s episode of Pulse, proudly presented by Intuji. Julian Wallis, CEO at Intuji, discusses the transformative power of AI and its ethical implications for the future of customer experience. Julian reflects on his introduction to AI through Google’s AlphaGo and highlights the advancements leading to OpenAI’s GPT-4 Omni model.

Julian addresses the common misconceptions about AI, emphasising that it’s not about replacing jobs but enhancing capabilities. He talks about the potential of AI in automating routine tasks, improving productivity, and delivering superior customer experiences. Highlighting real-world applications, Julian shares insights on how AI can streamline business operations, from drafting emails to integrating with CRM systems.

In an exciting demonstration, Julian interviews ChatGPT acting as Sam Altman, showcasing the impressive capabilities of the latest AI technologies. He also touches on the ethical boundaries of AI, stressing the importance of transparency, fairness, and responsible use. Julian underscores the need for businesses to adopt AI proactively to stay competitive and innovate continuously. He also highlights how rapidly AI technology and models are developing, making it crucial for organisations to stay ahead of the curve.

Tune in to learn how AI is reshaping industries and what steps you can take to harness its power for your organisation’s success.

Published On

May 22, 2024