Steve Claydon: Sales Gamification, Building SaaS, Motivation, Celebrating Wins | Pulse by Intuji #1

1:02:27 MIN

In our first-ever episode of Pulse, brought to you by Intuji, we’re kicking things off with a bang by chatting with Steve Claydon, the genius behind the Sales Game. Steve’s got a cool story to share about turning the grind of sales into something that’s actually fun and gets results. Imagine mixing work with the kind of excitement you get from playing your favourite game. That’s what Steve’s done, and he’s here to tell us all about how this idea came to life during the chaos of COVID-19 when traditional sales methods just weren’t cutting it anymore.

Join Julian Wallis and Steve as they discuss the process of creating the Outbound Game, a tool that’s changing the game for sales teams by making their daily grind something to look forward to. They’ll discuss the ups and downs of building a tech product from scratch, the power of keeping things simple, and why getting real feedback from users is gold.

Plus, Steve has some thoughts on the future of AI in sales and why connecting on a personal level with your team could be the secret sauce to smashing those targets. So, if you’re keen to hear about turning work into play, boosting your team’s mojo, and maybe even rethinking how you do business, this is the episode for you. Let’s get into it!

Published On

March 27, 2024