Kyle Jepson: Maximising HubSpot, Enhancing Enterprise CX, Product Development | Pulse by Intuji #2

1:05:13 MIN

In the second episode of Pulse, we’re chatting with Kyle Jepson from HubSpot Academy. Kyle’s a legend in all things HubSpot, and he shares his journey from joining the team to becoming its principal marketing evangelist. He explains how HubSpot has grown from just a marketing tool to a beefed-up CRM platform that now tackles sales, service, and operations.

Julian and Kyle discuss how HubSpot is constantly evolving, making it easier for businesses of all sizes to manage their customer relationships. They also cover some cool, often overlooked features, like playbooks and the goldmine of pre-built reports that can save heaps of time.

The chat also touches on the future, with Kyle hinting at exciting AI developments and what the acquisition of Clearbit might mean for users. They wrap up by talking about the challenge of keeping up with HubSpot’s rapid rollouts and why it’s crucial to get the implementation spot on from the get-go.

This episode is packed with insights for anyone looking to get the most out of HubSpot, mixing strategic advice with Kyle’s firsthand experiences to help businesses connect better with their customers.

Published On

April 03, 2024