Re-Imagining the Buying Experience of Medical Assistive Technology (AT)

Building a unique and easy-to-user portal that allowed APEX Mobility's dealers to place orders and manage their accounts easily was their top priority. Now they have it.

The Challenge

The client’s legacy ordering and support system was difficult to use and a cumbersome experience for dealers when placing orders, obtaining technical information and supply chain transparency.

The Goal

  1. Develop a customised user registration and approval system that syncs with NetSuite to provide appropriate access levels for customers.
  2. Build a dealer portal that displays pricing relative to each dealer’s access level and enables order placement.
  3. Create a resource centre to manage brochures and user manuals effectively.
  4. Integrate the website with Algolia to enhance site-wide search functionality.
  5. Implement a robust authentication system using Auth0.
  6. Establish a Multi-Factor Authentication system to secure user sessions.

To further enhance operational efficiency and user experience, APEX Mobility required a comprehensive digital solution to streamline customer access management, create an efficient dealer portal, build a resource centre for brochures and user manuals, improve site-wide search functionality, and implement robust authentication and security measures.

The Solution

Intuji’s team devised a tailored solution designed to meet APEX Mobility’s specific requirements, delivering outstanding results through the implementation of advanced technical solutions:

    1. Customised User Registration & Approval System: Intuji developed a user registration and approval system that seamlessly integrates with APEX Mobility’s NetSuite installation, ensuring proper access levels are granted to each customer.
    2. Dealer Portal Development: Intuji created a dealer portal that displays custom pricing based on the dealer’s access level with APEX Mobility, allowing for smooth order placement and management.
    3. Resource Centre Creation: Intuji built a custom resource centre to efficiently manage brochures and user manuals, providing users with easily accessible product information.
    4. Algolia Integration: Intuji integrated APEX Mobility’s website with Algolia, enhancing site-wide search functionality and improving the overall user experience.
    5. Auth0 Authentication: Intuji implemented a robust authentication system using Auth0, ensuring secure access to user accounts and sensitive data.
    6. Multi-Factor Authentication System: Intuji established a Multi-Factor Authentication system utilising Twilio, securing each user’s session and protecting against unauthorised access.

Technologies Used

The Results

Intuji’s technical solutions significantly improved APEX Mobility’s operations and user experience. Key results included:

  1. Streamlined user registration and approval process, enhancing customer access management.
  2. Optimised dealer portal experience, enabling efficient order placement and management.
  3. Improved user experience through the efficient resource centre for brochures and user manuals.
  4. Enhanced site-wide search functionality through Algolia integration.
  5. Robust authentication and security measures to protect user accounts and sensitive data.

By leveraging Intuji’s technical expertise, APEX Mobility was able to streamline its operations and deliver an exceptional user experience, solidifying its position as a trusted market leader in the Assistive Technology equipment industry.