Australia’s (GET) Systems Leader Utilises Technology For An Easy Ordering CX

Making product support and ordering of Ground Engaging Tool (GET)® earthmoving wear parts online super easy for their clients with a secure and simple to use online portal was Fortus's number one focus.

The Challenge

The primary challenge facing Fortus was their outdated ordering, product detail & stock management, and dispatch system, which was resulting in inefficiencies, costly mistakes, and lost revenue.

To improve their customer experience, they realised the need to offer a super easy parts ordering process via a revolutionary customer web portal that hosted product data and client bill of materials (BOM) lists, a seamless website-NetSuite integration for real-time product data, improved sales order processes, an agile online brochure management system, and a user-friendly career portal.

The Goal

  1. Develop a customer portal focused on the Bill of Materials (BOM), enhancing the customer journey by providing tailored product lists.
  2. Integrate the website with NetSuite for a frictionless sales order process and accurate stock data.
  3. Ensure real-time synchronisation between the website and NetSuite for current product data.
  4. Set up an efficient online brochure system to provide customers with vital information swiftly.
  5. Craft a career portal to manage job offerings and applicant details effectively.

“Intuji's ability to put you through a process to understand the scope, before any work is done, is something that they are very insistent upon, which is highly important for a great outcome.”

Justin Dadd
Product Manager

The Solution

Intuji, understanding Fortus’ specific needs, fashioned a solution to address the challenges:

  • Sales Order and NetSuite Integration: Advanced data mapping and custom API development were employed to intertwine the sales order process of Fortus’ website with NetSuite. This blend not only streamlined order management but also provided customers with real-time stock data, elevating their experience.
  • BOM Customer Portal Development: At the heart of the project was the creation of a customer-centric portal tailored for BOM lists. Intuji built a secure platform where customers could manage their specific product lists, significantly improving their overall experience and engagement with Fortus.
  • Real-time Data Sync: Intuji ensured customers always received up-to-date stock information by setting up a sophisticated data synchronisation process between NetSuite and the website for products and BOM lists. 
  • Online Brochure Management System: A dynamic content management system was instituted, enabling Fortus to adeptly manage online brochures, ensuring customers had instant access to essential information.
  • Career Portal Creation: Modern web technologies were harnessed to formulate a career portal, streamlining Fortus’ recruitment process.

Technologies Used

The project was fueled by a potent tech stack comprising Laravel, NextJS, and NetSuite.

The Results

The technological renovations spearheaded by Intuji heralded a new era for Fortus:

  1. The seamless integration between the website and NetSuite revitalised the sales order process, providing customers with real-time stock insights and amplifying efficiency.
  2. The BOM-focused customer portal became a cornerstone of the enhanced customer journey, offering personalised product lists and boosting engagement.
  3. Fortus experienced streamlined management of job openings with the new career portal.
  4. The revamped online brochure system elevated the customer experience by offering rapid access to vital information.

By partnering with Intuji, Fortus not only optimised its operations but also augmented its customer experience, fortifying its dominance in the earth-moving equipment and replacement wear parts arena.