Changing The Temporary Protection Industry Supply With Automation

Realtime product availability, online ordering and rapid despatch from multiple branches throughout
Australia successfully achieved through Magento 2 & NetSuite for Protecta.

The Challenge

Relying on the legacy web platform seemed like a good idea initially.

But over time, Protecta realised that the platform was causing more problems than solutions. Frequent technical issues led to real-world challenges such as order delays, miscommunication, and client frustration.

With an intertwining of multiple critical software pieces, such as Magento (CMS) and NetSuite (ERP), troubleshooting became a daunting task. Protecta needed a more straightforward, reliable solution.

The Goal

  1. Create a direct connection between Magento 2 and NetSuite, avoiding unnecessary middle steps.
  2. Build a system that was easy to maintain, update, and scale with Protecta’s needs.

"I would definitely recommend Intuji to other customers. We’ve had a really positive experience with them. I would say, they helped us to do something which we struggled with for years."

Adi Puri
Corporate Services Manager

The Solution

Intuji’s team took a hands-on approach:

  • Moving Away from the legacy system: Understanding the core issues with the existing web platform, the decision was made to move away from it to a more streamlined solution.
  • Straightforward Integration: Intuji set up a direct link between Magento 2 (their online eCommerce platform) and NetSuite (their business software). This meant faster, more accurate order processing.
  • Building for the Future: We designed the new system keeping Protecta’s growth in mind. This ensures they won’t hit similar roadblocks in the future.

Technologies Used

The tech behind this transformation mainly involved Magento and NetSuite.

The Results

With Intuji’s help Protecta’s:

  1. Customers now experience real-time updates on product availability and quicker order confirmations.
  2. Orders are dispatched faster from various locations in Australia.
  3. Technical hiccups have been reduced, leading to happier clients and smoother business operations.

With these changes, Protecta continues strengthening its position in Australia’s temporary protection solutions market, consistently delivering reliable services.