The Manifest Recognises WEBO Digital As One Of The Most-Reviewed B2B Companies In Australia

Julian Wallis
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WEBO Digital featured on The Manifest as a top B2B provider

WEBO Digital is in the business of empowering brands to do things better using technology. We consult, strategise, design, and develop custom web and mobile solutions for clients obsessed with delivering phenomenal customer experiences worldwide. We aid our clients in pursuit of excellence in the digital space.

Today, we’re proud to announce that we’ve been featured on the Manifest in multiple areas as a top B2B provider.

1. Design

The Manifest's award for most reviewed web design agencies in Sydney

According to the company-listing platform, we’re one of the most reviewed web design agencies in Sydney, Australia. Plus, we’re one of Melbourne’s most reviewed Design Company, User Experience Company, and Web Design Company.

The Manifest's awards for most reviewed design company, user experience company, and web design company in Melbourne

2. App Development 📲

The Manifest added that WEBO is also Melbourne’s most reviewed Consumer App Developers, App Development Company, and Software Developers.

The Manifest's awards for most reviewed consumer app developers, app development company, and software developers in Melbourne

3. Web Development 👨‍💻

Finally, The Manifest featured us as one of the most reviewed Javascript Developers, Web Developers, and WordPress Developers in Melbourne.

The Manifest's awards for most reviewed Javascript developers, web developers, and WordPress developers in Melbourne

WEBO Digital is a customer experience transformation partner that helps you scale by utilising strategy, data, commerce, and technology to create world-leading customer experiences for your brand and streamline your sales and service processes. We’re honoured to be recognised as a top company on The Manifest this year.”

Julian Wallis, CEO, WEBO Digital

Some Reviews 🧐

Our past and current partnerships have transformed how people manufacture products, transport goods, maintain assets, analyse data, sell products online, and even gather for church services. To win these awards truly marks how far we’ve come in the space, and we owe it all to our partners’ support.

Nedlands Group logo

Nedlands Group is a LED lighting manufacturer and supplier that first partnered with us in January 2020, and we have been working time and again since. The objective of our collaboration was to design and develop their website. This involved tight coordination and clear communication to fully understand and deliver on their vision without compromising on functionality. Here’s their review of the overall outcomes:

“The team at WEBO Digital understood the requirement well and came up with an impressive design. We were impressed with their overall workflow and believe that this is what makes their team stand out from the crowd. Well done, team WEBO, we love your work!”

Sukh Kaur, Digital Marketing Manager, Nedlands Group
Holistic Management and Consultancy logo

Holistic Management and Consultancy is a management, mentoring, and coaching company that had been using a different software company but switched to us on December 2021. We have been working together since to enable and maintain their largest revenue-driving tool and ensure it runs without a hitch. This involved web app development from scratch and also taking charge of the UI/UX of the application. Here’s their experience of working with us:

The software is one of our main sources of income and if it isn’t working properly, then we have problems. We just did a major upgrade and obviously, bugs and crashes came with that, but they (WEBO) had their team on hand when they did the actual switch over for the upgrade, and as things came up, they fixed them pretty quickly. They have been amazing.”

Amanda Blackshaw, Business Manager, Holistic Management and Consultancy

CenterFrame is a members club for filmmakers worldwide to network and collaborate to make their films and get eyes on them. They partnered with us from July to August 2021. The objective of our collaboration was to integrate a payment gateway into their WordPress website to improve user experience. This involved custom software development with constant communication and alterations based on feedback. Here’s what they found most impressive:

“I believe that the attitude is very unique. I’ve worked with many tech agencies before and [the] WEBO Digital team does not go away and do their thing. They work with the client, inform, ask questions, and [do] all that avoids the common problem in the industry of having a disappointed client after the “big reveal”. I was aware of everything the whole time. Transparency is what tech agencies lack most of the time. WEBO is certainly different.”

Luiz Villar, Partner & Marketing Manager, CenterFrame

We thank Sukh, Amanda, and Luiz for their appreciative reviews. Read through the latest company descriptions on The Manifest to find out more about our notable projects.

If you want a straightforward, trusted partner to help you create genuinely exceptional customer experiences, schedule a discovery chat with us and see if we’re the right fit for you.

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November 23, 2022