Trusted Advice To Scale Up Your Brand CX

Trusted Advice To Scale Up Your Brand CX

Great brands live and die by how they make their customers feel. No more, no less. In order to survive, you need to ensure you get the experience nailed.

So, What is Customer Experience Consulting?

Customer Experience Consulting is where experienced CX experts help businesses analyse and improve customer experiences to increase satisfaction, loyalty, and revenue growth.

Grow Your Business with A Qualified Intuji CX Advisor

After understanding your business and assessing your goals, your consultant advisor will work with you on a tailored CX plan including areas such as the following;

  • Assessment: Evaluate current customer touchpoints and feedback.
  • Journey Mapping: Trace customer interaction pathways.
  • Strategy: Design unique strategies to enhance client interactions.
  • Technology: Advise on tools like CRM/ERP systems and AI.
  • Training: Educate employees on CX best practices.
  • Analytics: Systemise, monitor and analyse customer feedback.
  • Change Management: Guidance through CX strategy transitions.

Key Areas of Customer Experience Consulting

Dive into the core areas of our customer experience approach. Explore how Intuji's expertise addresses vital touchpoints to transform your brand CX.
In-depth Customer Research
Gather insights on customer behavior, preferences, and needs to improve the customer experience.
Customer Persona Development
Create fictional characters that represent the key demographic groups to better understand customers.
Customer Journey Map
A visual representation of the customer experience, highlighting touchpoints and areas for improvement.
Customer Value Proposition Design
Identify the unique value a business offers to customers and develop a messaging strategy.
Creating and Validating Solutions
Develop and test solutions to address customer pain points and improve the customer experience.
Collaborative Ideation
A process for generating new and innovative ideas to solve problems or address needs through collaborative brainstorming sessions.

How Much Does Customer Experience Consulting Cost?

The cost of customer experience consulting is tailored to the unique needs and scope of each project. Initial engagements, focusing on strategy and support, generally start from around $10,000. To understand how our solutions can best align with your objectives, speak with us for further clarity and a detailed plan for your brand.

Is Customer Experience Consulting With Intuji Right For You?

See if our Customer Experience Consulting is the right fit for you and determine if a partnership with Intuji aligns with your brand needs.


You recognize the paramount importance of customer experience and are looking for strategic ways to elevate it, ensuring your brand remains at the forefront.

You believe in a data-driven approach to make decisions and are eager to gain insights from experts in the field of customer experience consulting.

You are proactive in ensuring that every interaction a customer has with your brand is smooth, rewarding, and leads to brand loyalty.

You're ready to invest in a long-term strategy that not only boosts your brand's reputation but also ensures sustainable growth.

Collaboration is key for you, and you value expert opinions and are keen to incorporate them for the betterment of your brand's customer experience.


You're seeking a quick fix or a one-time consultation without an ongoing strategy for continuous improvement.

You're reluctant to make changes based on expert advice or are not ready to adjust your business processes in line with the latest customer experience trends.

You see customer experience as an "additional" feature rather than an integral part of your brand's value proposition.

Your primary focus is on cutting costs at the expense of the quality of the customer journey and experience.

You aren't ready for a holistic view of customer experience, instead opting for fragmented, siloed solutions without considering the broader impact on your brand.

FAQs About Customer Experience (CX) Consulting

Explore the frequently asked questions by our clients regarding Customer Experience (CX) Consulting.

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