Soar Brand Engagement Through UX Brilliance

Soar Brand Engagement Through UX Brilliance

Creating user experiences that not only resonate with your audience but also pave the way for fierce brand loyalty and increased profits.

Your Competitive Edge Lies In Superb UX

In the digital world, user experience is much more than aesthetics. It’s a strategic approach to foster customer satisfaction, build brand loyalty, and increase conversion rates.


of online consumers are less likely to return after a poor UX. A seamless experience ensures repeat visits.


invested in UX can yield a return of $100. It's an investment into the future of your brand.


of businesses that overlook UX find it challenging to succeed, emphasising its crucial role.

Transforming Diverse Digital Ventures By Harnessing UX

User experience (UX) plays a pivotal role in determining the success of a product or platform. Whether we're talking about eCommerce websites or mobile applications, a user-centric approach can make all the difference.

eCommerce Websites

Optimising user paths to simplify purchases, reduce cart abandonment, and ensure smooth checkouts.

Mobile Apps

Crafting intuitive interfaces, streamlining onboarding processes, and ensuring users remain engaged.

B2B Portals

Elevating dashboard usability, ensuring smooth navigation, and facilitating quick data retrieval.

Healthcare Platforms

Making patient interactions efficient, simplifying appointment systems, and prioritizing data protection.

Educational Websites

Offering easy course navigation, enhancing interactive learning, and personalising user curriculum paths.

Financial Services

Reinventing transaction processes, bolstering security, and making data analytics and interpretation straightforward.

SaaS Platforms

Optimising onboarding experiences, simplifying workflows, and enhancing feature discoverability.

The Anatomy of a Certified UX Design Process

Achieving success in UX design is an intricate dance between understanding user desires and aligning them with business objectives.

UX Design Deliverables

Beyond captivating experiences, Intuji's UX services promise solid results and transformational change.

User Personas
Detailed profiles representing your core audience to guide design decisions.
User Flows
Visual representation of the user’s journey through a product.
Blueprints of your digital product ensuring efficient layout and design.
Usability Reports
Insights gathered from user tests highlighting potential improvements.
Responsive Layouts
Designs that deliver consistency across all devices, from desktops to mobiles.
Feedback Integration
Structures in place for continuous user feedback and iterative design.

UI vs UX

It's easy to get confused between UX and UI design, but they are different. UI is about how things look, while UX is about how things work and feel.

UI (User Interface)

  • Focuses on the visual design and layout of the product.
  • Involves creating interactive elements, such as buttons and menus, that facilitate user interaction with the product.
  • Covers the look and feel of the product, including color schemes, typography, and iconography.
  • Includes creating a consistent and cohesive design language throughout the product.
  • Aims to create a visually appealing and intuitive interface that encourages user engagement.

UX (User Experience)

  • Focuses on the overall experience and satisfaction of the user.
  • Involves research, testing, and iteration to ensure the product is user-friendly and achieves business goals.
  • Covers the entire user journey, including pre- and post-interaction with the product.
  • Includes information architecture, content strategy, and usability testing.
  • Aims to create a positive emotional response and build trust with the user.

How Much Does UX Design Cost?

For brands seeking to create a unique and distinctive user experience, our UX services typically start from $30,000 for initial projects. More comprehensive and intricate endeavours for established brands aiming for market dominance can extend to $200,000, offering extensive customisation, research, and refinements.

Is A UX Design Project With Intuji Right For You?

See if a UX Design project with Intuji is the right fit for you and aligns with your brand needs.


You're not just seeking a design. You want a visionary approach a comprehensive strategy to lead in your market through stellar user experiences.

You recognize UX as a highly important and pivotal investment driving long-term brand loyalty and revenue.

Your team thrives on innovation and is primed to embrace avant-garde approaches in digital user interaction.

You understand that design perfection comes from continuous feedback, refinement, and evolution.

For you, every business decision is user-centric focused and driven by user needs, behaviours, and feedback.


You're happy with a surface only level approach and just looking for a superficial design makeover without depth or strategy.

You’re resistant to change and not open to redefining the user journey based on rigorous research and feedback.

Short-term goals and immediate gains are more valuable to you than building a lasting market presence.

Your available budget funding for a deep-dive UX overhaul is less than $60,000.

You have a static mind-set and aren't prepared for a dynamic, evolving design process, or to pivot based on user insights.

FAQs About UX Design

Explore the frequently asked questions by our clients regarding UX Design.

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