Website Blueprint First. Success Next.

Website Blueprint First. Success Next.

Without the right strategy, you can waste budget on a website. Just as houses need solid plans, so does your website. Kick off with solid foundations.

Your Website Success Starts With Strategy!

No one wants an underperforming website that doesn’t attract leads or benefit existing customers. Yet, businesses often overlook flaws they’re too close to see.

Sound familiar?

Blinded by familiarity, they miss seeing their site from a customer’s perspective. Our Website Blueprint dives deep with your team, identifying customer personas and their needs. We align with your brand objectives to craft a high-performing website.

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It All Starts With The Website Blueprint

Craft the ultimate customer-centric website for your business using our streamlined Website Blueprint process.
Website Blueprint
Buyer Personas
User Journey
Scope of Works
Get Started
UX Design
UI Design
Global Elements
Page Templates
Content Placement
Site Testing

What Do Get From The Website Blueprint Process?

A dynamic collaboration between our specialists and your team, marked by in-depth discussions and meticulous planning.

The Risks Of Forgoing Real Website Strategy

Ignoring website strategy leads to unclear goals, ineffective user experience, missed SEO opportunities, and poor branding, resulting in reduced client engagement and conversions.

How Much Does A Website Blueprint Cost?

The Website Blueprint is a once-off investment of $10,000 inc GST. You come away with a fully inclusive documented plan outlining how to create the best website uniquely crafted for your business of which you can take to your own developer to build if you want to. There is no obligation at all to proceed to the design and development phase.

Is A Website Blueprint With Intuji Right For You?

See if our Website Blueprint is the right fit for you and determine if a partnership with Intuji aligns with your brand needs.


You understand that the success of your website is directly correlated to the success of your customers and how they use your website

You are open to adopting new ideas and technology that can help your brand deliver intuitive customer experiences

You are willing to put the time and effort needed into the planning of your website to ensure every detail is documented

You and your team are prepared to be challenged and work on why you have a website and how it can best serve your customers


Your budget for a full design and build of a complete website is less than $50,000

You aren’t trying to be the leading authority in your industry and significantly improve your customer experience

You aren't prepared to be challenged on what you have done up until now and you're not open to any new ideas

You are a small business that wants a website for the cheapest possible price and isn't worried about ROI

Some of The Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some of the most common questions asked by our clients.

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How much input will my team and I have in our Website Blueprint?
How much does a Website Blueprint cost?
What happens if we don’t want to go through your Website Blueprint process?

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